Three Phase Step Voltage Regulator

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Variation of voltage can have detrimental effects on Utilities and their customers. To prevent customer complaints, loss of revenue due to sub-normal voltage, and increased costs due to higher line losses, FARADY has designed the TVR Voltage Regulator with you, “The Utilities”, in mind. With over 10 years of experience, FARADY has designed the most reliable regulator ever assembled.

Ideally the distribution lines should to be able to keep the whole line of constant voltage, but in actual , the impedance of the distribution line will result in that the voltage of end and terminal is no the same .The actual voltage from the rated voltage of the circuit size is an important measure of power quality, also is a important guarantee of power supply reliability and voltage quality. FARADY three phase voltage regulator is used at the end of transmission line to keep power supply voltage at rated voltage.

Our expertise in both technology and service gives us an additional advantage in the custom engineering necessary for most 3-phase regulator applications. Many times refined and improved since, the TVR voltage regulator has proven its reliability and durability in the toughest environments. Unit construction, tough paint and side inspection door are just a few of the time-tested features of today’s TVR.

Service Condition

(1)Below 3000 meter;(special altitude can be customized) (2)Work temperature: -25℃-65 (special temperature ℃ can be customized) (3)Monthly humidity less than(25℃)90% in 25℃ (4)Pollution class: III class (5)Rating voltage :11/22/33kV or customized (6)Rating capacity:500kVA~6300kVA (7)Frequency:50/60Hz (8)Vector group:3phase 3 wire single winding star/delta (9)tap change selector:9/11/13/17/27/32 position (10)Cooling method:ONAN (11)PT:10000/100V 50VA; (12)CT:XXX/1A,2 meter method; (13)third winding rating voltage:220V; (14)regulator range:(-10%~+10%),(-5%~+15%),(0~+20%)(0~+30%)or customized

Technical Specification



Work Principle

TVR-line voltage regulator is a special design autotransformer with on-load tap changer, it can automatically “monitoring” and smoothly adjusts the output voltage, and also guarantee the output voltage within the voltage requirement. 27 taps regulation can meet every step 0.75% regulation accuracy. See blow figure 5


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