Single Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator

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Farady Electric VR-8 voltage regulators are designed for reliable operation and ease of mainte-nance and are supplied with a full array of standard features for routine applications. Optional accessories are available to ac-commodate special applicate it is also suitable for the energy saving projects for railway and urban grid. Farady Electric series voltage regulators are available with a full comply with of standard IEEE C57.15 & IEC 60076-21

Standard Features

• Tap changer with motor and power supply

• Position indicator with ADD-AMP adjustment

• Two laser-etched nameplates

• Upper filter press connection

• Oil sight gauge

• Mounting provisions for shunt arresters

• High-creep bushings with clamp-type connectors

• Bolt-down provisions (overhead units)

• Pole-type mounting brackets (overhead units)

• Automatic pressure relief device

• Control cabinet with removable front panel

• Ratio correction transformer

• Conformally coated circuit boards

Technical Specification

*VR-8 single-phase step voltage regulators are tap-changing autotransformers designed to automati- cally regulate distribution line voltages in a range of plus or minus 10% in 32 steps of approximately 5/8% each. The following ratings are available:

• Voltage: 2500 Volts (60 kV BIL) through 34500 Volts (200 kV BIL)

• Current: 50 through 1665 Amps

• KVA: 33 through 1000

• Frequency: 50 or 60 Hertz

Internal potential winding taps and/or an external ratio correction transformer are provided on all ratings so that each regulator may be applied within a range of system voltages.

A digital control system automatically operates the tap changer mechanism to maintain system voltage within desired limits. The control system is externally programmable to allow precise setting of control limits and provides sophisticated capabilities for special control require- ments, communication, and data logging.

Overhead type voltage regulators are supplied with support brackets for pole mounting and have bolt-down provisions for pad-mounted applications. Substation type voltage regulators are provided with rectangular substation bases. Elevating platforms are available as an option.


1. Generator*

*2. Step-up Transformer

3. Transmission line

4. Step-down transformer

5. Distribution network

6. Monophasic Voltage regulator up to 36kV

7. Distribution Transformer

8. Cunsumer

Dimension & Size